This set is packed with everything you need to get started with World War II wargaming - the rules of the Bolt Action game, two opposing forces of Americans and Germans, a ruined farmhouse, dice, rulers and a Getting Started booklet that will walk you through your first few games.

Our full, hard-back rulebook is packed with sumptuous artwork and battle photography, and adds detailed historical background and army lists for Britain and Russia.

Add to the German force in the Starter Set with more plastic kits: a box of German Infantry provides plenty more squads with perhaps a second Hanomag to carry them into action. Next add some heavy armoured firepower in the form of the mighty Panther Ausf.A tank.

Alternatively you can grab a complete force in a box with the German Heer Starter Army.

There are more plastic kits to expand on the US force in the Starter Set: add more troops with the US Infantry box, provide them with transport with an M3A1 Half-Track, and take on German vehicles with an M4 Sherman tank.

There is also a Starter Army containing a complete force.

Start your terrain collection with a Ruined Farmhouse, Stone Walls and Anti-tank Obstacles.